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8-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

Time does not stop, and the intensive care of parents for a child often results in time passing even faster, because there is no time to stop. An 8-month-old child is already walking on all fours and has no problem getting from place to place. If you've always thought that your child is restless, he'll be crawling everywhere on all fours, and a pair of extra eyes will definitely come in handy. For a short time, the child can even stand on two legs with help. He can hold objects and even food in his hands.

Published: 11.10.2023
Updated: 13.12.2023

A child in the 8th month already repeats syllable after syllable and is already looking for meaning in some words and begins to understand them. Many children at this age can sit up and stay in this position even while playing. Visual memory also develops. Speech development is progressing again and new syllables are also being added. What can an 8-month-old baby do?

What can an 8-month-old baby do?

Until now, crawling could be guarded and climbing attempts were still only "in their infancy". However, in the 8th month, the child has already discovered the potential of his locomotor system and will try to use it to the full. At first, of course, climbing on all fours will not be fully coordinated. The movement of hands and knees must be synchronized. Very dexterously like a bug, he will later move under the table, chairs, and without any problems he will even sit on his ass, wherever he wants. The spine should already be stable and the child can stay in a sitting position even while playing, without leaning on the palms. With the help of the surrounding furniture, he can kneel down and stand up while on all fours, while he will not yet be able to transfer his weight from one leg to the other. However, it won't take long and walking is in the world. At first, it will only be a motionless position and then fall on your ass. Handy people can also handle steps around furniture.

The prone position is no longer so interesting and climbing is much better for moving. Some babies roll on their stomachs when lying on their stomachs and pull themselves forward or push themselves backwards. The child begins to grasp objects in his hands, while he can also hold a spoon with food. Feeding will still often be unsuccessful, but the effort will be there. Don't forget the bib. Also, as part of the game, the child gives toys to a parent or sibling and then wants them back. The child begins to realize the properties of individual objects. He rolls the die, but rattles the rattle. He crumples the pocket and turns the plastic bottle so that the water flows from it. If you put a children's book in his hand, the handyman will figure out that the pages can be turned.

Psychomotor development of the child in the 8th month

It is important to emphasize that if your apartment or house has stairs, inclined surfaces or places that represent a potential risk of injury, it is essential to secure (fence) such a place. Also, pay attention to the sharp edges of the furniture, which are always a scarecrow for parents. An 8-month-old child will discover all the nooks and crannies while climbing and it is necessary to take into account possible accidents.

Sensory perception and social development in the 8th month

The child's vision is already very well developed. Only mild short-sightedness persists, which will gradually be eliminated. The child begins to be aware of his memory capacity, although only marginally. He visually remembers where individual toys are located and discovers other surrounding objects while climbing, thereby getting to know the environment. The crib is no longer the only refuge. He draws attention to the people around him. He already responds well to his name. The child tries to actively imitate the sounds in his environment - meow-meow, haf-haf, béé. Picture-interactive books with audio examples are great for this purpose.

He recognizes family members well. He often tries to communicate by squealing, squealing, laughing or saying syllables, which will be added to the collection again. He usually duplicates syllables and doesn't just say hala-bala. If the child associates the syllable ma-ma with mother, it is possible to talk about the first word, because it was pronounced with intention. The same ta-ta, ba-ba or ha-vo. Children begin to understand gestures and various grimaces, e.g. they recognize the waving gesture and the syllables pa-pa, which is evidence of advancing cognitive abilities.

It can still persist, or separation anxiety may appear, therefore the child may cry in front of strangers if he does not see his mother or father. However, separation anxiety gradually disappears and must be given its natural course. The child often seeks company and wants to discover everything. Feelings for other family members also deepen. Already in the 8th month, it is necessary to set certain boundaries, because the child is already sensitive enough. If he picks up an object that does not belong in his hands, you must say "no" or "no-no" in a calm voice and put the object away. Although the child will not understand, when the activity is repeated, he will start to associate the negative with something that he should not repeat. But it takes patience.

8-month-old baby sensory perception

What can an 8-month-old baby eat - breakfast, lunch, dinner

What is the diet of an 8-month-old baby? An 8-month-old child who already has snacks in his diet can eat more and more variety. It is advisable to divide the diet into 5 or 6 portions of food, while breast milk or artificial formula may no longer play the most important role. The diet also includes a drinking regimen, and the child should drink at least 150 ml of water or tea per day. The daily dose of liquids is higher, because side dishes, fruits, vegetables, soups or breast milk itself are also counted. Do not forget the ritual of washing your hands before and after each meal.

If we divide the feeding of the child into breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and the second supper, there are exactly 6 units of feeding available. The main part of an 8-month-old baby's diet is already, in most cases, snacks. Appetizers consist of fruits, vegetables, meat and cereals. The individual components can easily be combined. There are many recipes for nutritious side dishes available. Appetizers are still not salted, sweetened or spiced. Most mothers follow the rule that breast milk should only be breakfast and the second dinner. Or during waking up with the child at night. However, it is very individual and breastfeeding is still desirable.

The rest of the diet should be made up of side dishes - vegetable and fruit porridge, yogurt with a piece of cereal bread, meat soup, rice porridge, oatmeal or buckwheat porridge, baby food and the like. You no longer need to mix the food thoroughly, it is enough to break up the cooked or steamed food with a fork. It is very convenient to include white yogurts in the diet. The last feeding should be 1 to 1.5 hours before bedtime.

What can an 8-month-old baby eat?

8-month-old baby - sleep and toys

According to the ideal scenario, the night sleep of a child aged 8 to 12 months should last approximately 10 hours. During the day, the child is active, but usually has two sleep cycles during the day, which can last 2 to 3 hours. However, the reality may be different due to the needs of each child and their daily routine.

While in the first months the baby was able to sleep most of the day, now he is much more proactive and active, while he gets tired during the day. It is important to observe bedtime rituals. A child who has already crossed the threshold of fatigue is tearful and irritable. If an 8-month-old child often wakes up at night, it may be because of hunger and the child just needs to be fed, but sometimes the reason is a change in the sleeping pattern and the growth of the child. Then it is advisable to offer water or tea from a bottle to the child during the night. Sleep can also be disturbed by the growth of teeth and possible health problems - increased temperature or infection in the gums. Feeding right before bedtime can be a problem. Subsequently, the child may have a tummy ache. When teething, it is advisable to give the baby a pacifier less, for the proper growth of the teeth.

The child is able to laugh spontaneously when observing or playing. The child can already play with the ball. Soft balls that he can grip well are ideal. He will enjoy great and beneficial entertainment with interactive children's books with sounds or other effects. A toy car, a honking car or a train, a barking dog or plush toys making sounds and the like. All this develops the child's cognitive abilities and attention. Interactive and intelligent toys, cubes for playing in various shapes, plastic imitations of food, moving toys, picture puppets, textile dolls or water toys. Hiding objects is great - you hide the toy under the pillow in front of the child, and the child points to the place where the toy is and you take it out afterwards. You can play, you can say nursery rhymes, read or play airplane while growing.

8-month-old baby toys

The most frequent questions - FAQ

Do you also have an 8-month-old baby at home who is crawling, starting to stand on his feet and uttering the first syllables that resemble words? The baby is already growing at a fast pace, recognizes people, can sit up and grabs everything he can get his hands on. The development of each child is an individual matter, but at this stage the infant already becomes a receptive member of the family, who makes himself known. The child begins to perceive itself as an independent being, although still with a strong emotional attachment to the mother. What can an 8-month-old baby do? Let us know what your personal experiences are in the discussion below the article.

It is important to visit a pediatrician regularly, who can assess any deviations. Despite the fact that at 8 months, manifestations such as sitting or all fours are generally expected - climbing, if the child does not do this, it may not mean any problem. All development is individual and stress is not appropriate. Some children sit up at 9, others at 10 months, and they don't start climbing until 1 year. There are also children who skip the climbing stage and immediately try to get up, significantly later than in the 8th month.

The reason may be hunger or a change in sleep patterns, growth, but also the first teeth that erupt can be a complication of sleep. The child may have painful gums and wake up feeling uncomfortable.

What an 8-month-old baby should weigh based on the table values is only indicative and this physiological figure is influenced by several relevant factors. The ideal weight of a child in the 8th month is between 8.2 and 9 kg.

Standard white yogurts with live microflora are suitable. Yogurts should definitely not be sweetened, they should be without preservatives and dyes. It can be white creamy yogurts or classic Greek yogurt. BIO white yogurts are also suitable.

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