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Sudden infant death syndrome

Sudden infant death syndrome - up to what age is the risk and what is the first aid

After the birth of the baby, parents may encounter pitfalls that can turn their lives upside down. One of the biggest and most feared scares is sudden infant death syndrome.

Cradle cap

Cradle cap in newborns and older children. Shampoo, special cream and olive oil will help

Do you suspect that you have noticed white to yellowish-white scales in your hair or on your head? It can be cradle cap (milk crust) or, more precisely, newborn seborrhea. How to deal with her?

Constipation in a baby

Constipation in a baby. Hard stool after formula

Constipation in children is mostly from milk, while it is true that infants receiving food in the form of breast milk are less prone to such intestinal problems. How to deal with constipation in babies?

Symptoms of Down syndrome in a baby

Symptoms of Down syndrome in a newborn. Suspected pregnancy is a risk

We have summarized for you what Down syndrome is, what are its manifestations and what tests can be used to detect it in time in the following article.

Growth spurt

Growth spurt in children in the 6th week, but also in the 3rd month. How long does it take?

What is a growth spurt, when can it be expected, how the growth spurt manifests itself and what changes need to be introduced into the daily schedule during the growth spurt will be answered in the article.

Immunological window

Immunological window in children - what to administer and what is the procedure?

In the immunological window, between the end of the 4th month and reaching one year, it is necessary to try to introduce potential allergens into the baby's daily diet. How to proceed?


What to pack for the maternity ward

What to pack for the labour ward? A detailed list and equipment for the maternity ward for the mother

If you are interested in what you need to pack in your maternity and newborn kit and whether there are specific requirements depending on individual hospitals and clinics, read our article.


Bonding after childbirth and after caesarean section. Holding a newborn creates a bond

Bonding can be characterized as the first attachment of the newborn to the mother's belly or chest, skin-to-skin contact. It is implemented due to the creation of a strong emotional bond between mother and child.

Braxton-Hicks contractions before childbirth

Braxton Hicks contractions before childbirth. How long do false contractions last? All day and all night

While some women experience Braxton-Hicks contractions continuously throughout their pregnancy, others do not encounter false contractions at all. How do Braxton-Hicks contractions manifest themselves?

Fear of childbirth

Fear of childbirth. How to overcome it?

Fear of childbirth is a very natural thing and completely fine. However, there are cases when one can talk about a morbid fear of childbirth and pregnancy.

Prenatal diarrhea or vomiting

Prenatal diarrhea or vomiting? It's completely natural

Individual prenatal symptoms often follow each other, or they have the same origin and therefore come into the life of a pregnant woman at the same time. Such first symptoms of childbirth include diarrhea and nausea.


Cesarean section under general or spinal anesthesia. In which week is it done and what are the experiences

What is a caesarean section, how does it take place, in what week is a planned caesarean section performed, how long does it take to heal from its consequences? We have summarized all important information in the following article.


Egg implantation

Egg implantation - pain in the lower abdomen, blood, discharge and other symptoms

The implantation of the egg in the uterus is the process that definitively decides whether the fertilization of the egg was successful. Is it possible to feel fertilization or how long does it take for the egg to implant in the uterus?

After pill

Pill after intercourse - an abortion pill to terminate a pregnancy

There are situations when the arrival of offspring is more unacceptable for a woman (financial, age or relationship circumstances). A pill after intercourse is used for such purposes.

3rd week of pregnancy

3rd week of pregnancy - symptoms, pain in the lower abdomen and the size of the fetus

In the third week, the hCG pregnancy hormone may be present, but it must be remembered that the egg may not yet be firmly embedded in the uterus. What happens in a woman's body during the 3rd week of pregnancy?

2nd week of pregnancy

2nd week of pregnancy - symptoms, belly, size of fetus. Go for an ultrasound?

Despite the fact that the 2nd week of pregnancy will be retroactively entered in the pregnancy book - diary, the woman's pregnancy is not actually present yet. What specifics does the 2nd week of "pregnancy" bring?

1st week of pregnancy

1st week of pregnancy – symptoms in the first week

In the understanding of pregnancy, the first week of pregnancy is a kind of pre-preparation of the female body for the successful fertilization of the egg by the male sperm. At the same time, it means that technically the woman is "not pregnant" yet.

6th week of pregnancy

6th week of pregnancy - pain in the lower abdomen, symptoms, belly. Time for an ultrasound?

The 4th week from conception and 6 weeks from the last period means that bigger and bigger "miracles" are happening in a woman's body. What does a baby look like in the 6th week of pregnancy? What symptoms does a pregnant woman experience?


What not to eat while breastfeeding

What not to eat while breastfeeding - are poppy seeds, ginger or chocolate suitable while breastfeeding?

Diet during breastfeeding has many restrictions. During this period, there are certain forbidden foods that mothers must avoid. What should not be eaten while breastfeeding?

Children's sleep by age

Children's sleep by age - table. How much sleep do babies need?

Sufficiently long and high-quality sleep in optimal conditions affects the child's development, behavior, ability to perceive and learn. How much does a newborn, infant, toddler sleep?

12-month-old baby

12-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

However, a 12-month-old baby is already a child whose development will progress from week to week. Active sitting, chattering, first words and first steps on two legs. It improves what has been learned so far.

11-month-old baby

11-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

Towards the 1-year milestone, parents can expect significant progress in their 11-month-old baby. The child has a need to crawl everywhere, begins to recognize parts of his body and imitate certain actions.

10-month-old baby

10-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

If the child learned something a month ago and it was new, in the 10th month it will be a level better. The child will improve in everything he knows so far.

9-month-old baby

9-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

From the 9th month, children are more communicative, more playful and less afraid of other adults. However, separation anxiety may still be present. The child more actively understands the purpose of objects.