Despite the fact that pregnancy and the very birth of a child is usually a beautiful time for every woman, it also brings with it various pitfalls. Childbirth can be easy, but more often it is a painful affair lasting several hours. True contractions are difficult to distinguish from false ones, especially during the first pregnancy, and the woman often has no idea how to proceed. Do you want to know more about preparing for birth, what to pack for the maternity ward or what are the advantages of traditional birth and caesarean section? In our articles, you will learn everything important about childbirth and things related to it.

Prenatal diarrhea or vomiting

Prenatal diarrhea or vomiting? It's completely natural

Individual prenatal symptoms often follow each other, or they have the same origin and therefore come into the life of a pregnant woman at the same time. Such first symptoms of childbirth include diarrhea and nausea.
Signs of childbirth

Signs of childbirth. Contractions and other signs of impending birth

In the third semester, many pregnant women begin to carefully monitor even the smallest change in the body, which could indicate that they are approaching the long-awaited goal line. What are the symptoms of labor?
Inducing labor

Inducing labor - tricks, exercises, experience. A balloon and a pill to induce labor

Induction of labor is carried out during pregnancy even if the ongoing pregnancy could endanger the mother or the fetus. What methods are there to induce labor?
Postpartum period

Postpartum period - meaning, diet, visits. How is it calculated and how long is the period of six weeks

In the postpartum stage (postpartum period), a woman copes with the enormous burden associated with pregnancy and childbirth, while at the same time getting used to new life circumstances involving the care of a newborn.
Stool after childbirth

Stool after natural birth and after section. Glycerin suppositories will help

Whether you had a natural birth or a caesarean section, going to the bathroom can be stressful. Is there anything to worry about after giving birth?
First menstruation after childbirth

First menstruation after childbirth. Expect your period after six weeks

How long will the first menstruation after childbirth last, will it be stronger or weaker than before pregnancy, and can a woman get pregnant even when she does not have menstruation after childbirth? You will find out the answers in the article.
Hair loss after childbirth

Hair loss after childbirth. What is the cause and what helps?

A shiny and thick mane was a matter of course for you during pregnancy, but after giving birth, the situation changed. Why do women lose hair after giving birth? Is hair loss after childbirth normal? How to stop it?

Incision of the Perineum (episiotomy) during childbirth. What does it look like and how long does it take to heal?

Under what circumstances does the dam break? What is an episiotomy anyway? How is this surgery performed? What is the healing of the resulting scar? We will talk about that in the next article.
Fear of childbirth

Fear of childbirth. How to overcome it?

Fear of childbirth is a very natural thing and completely fine. However, there are cases when one can talk about a morbid fear of childbirth and pregnancy.
Braxton-Hicks contractions before childbirth

Braxton Hicks contractions before childbirth. How long do false contractions last? All day and all night

While some women experience Braxton-Hicks contractions continuously throughout their pregnancy, others do not encounter false contractions at all. How do Braxton-Hicks contractions manifest themselves?
Apgar score

Apgar score of the newborn after birth. What exactly is it?

Using the Apgar score, the condition of the newborn is evaluated immediately after birth (in the 1st, 5th and 10th minutes). In total, a newborn can reach 10 points.
Vacuum Extraction

Vacuum Extraction. Can vacuum birth have consequences for the child?

Bell birth is also called vacuum birth or birth with the help of a vacuum extractor. This is one of the types of vaginal births, which is used in exclusively specific cases.
What to pack for the maternity ward

What to pack for the labour ward? A detailed list and equipment for the maternity ward for the mother

If you are interested in what you need to pack in your maternity and newborn kit and whether there are specific requirements depending on individual hospitals and clinics, read our article.

Bonding after childbirth and after caesarean section. Holding a newborn creates a bond

Bonding can be characterized as the first attachment of the newborn to the mother's belly or chest, skin-to-skin contact. It is implemented due to the creation of a strong emotional bond between mother and child.
Cesarean section or traditional birth

Cesarean section or traditional birth. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Whether you prefer a caesarean section or a natural birth, some form of pain is inevitable during the arrival of your baby into the world. It is very difficult to judge which one is better for the mother and the child.
Father at birth

Father at birth. Yes or no? The pros and cons

A father during childbirth is one of the ways to help a woman during childbirth. Just the presence and touch of a loving partner can be a great boost for a mother during childbirth.
Hamilton's touch

Hamilton's maneuver to induce labor. What is it and how is it done?

Hamilton maneuver is an action aimed at inducing labor (uterine contractions). How is Hamilton's touch done? Does the Hamilton maneuver have risks for the baby or the mother?

Cesarean section under general or spinal anesthesia. In which week is it done and what are the experiences

What is a caesarean section, how does it take place, in what week is a planned caesarean section performed, how long does it take to heal from its consequences? We have summarized all important information in the following article.
Preparation for childbirth

Preparation for childbirth. Prenatal course as psychophysical prenatal preparation

Childbirth is a strong emotional experience, which means that it also brings with it a significant mental and physical burden. The best way to prepare for childbirth is on an antenatal course.
Running after giving birth

How and when to start running after giving birth. Is running after caesarean section appropriate?

When it comes to running after giving birth, you will encounter a lot of different opinions from doctors or trainers. How to start running after giving birth? When is the right time to start jogging?