Do you know exercises to induce abortion?

Do you know exercises to induce abortion?

Published: 13.11.2023
Updated: 14.12.2023

Termination of pregnancy is for some women, at least from their point of view, the only solution. They are not yet ready for a child, they do not have the conditions to be able to raise it, their financial situation is not good or the pregnancy is not the result of happy moments and the child would not be the fruit of love. A woman can have many reasons to end a pregnancy, but in no case is it advisable to try to induce an abortion at home.

Despite the fact that there are various old wives' tales on how to terminate a pregnancy, including consuming herbs to induce abortion, drinking various herbal teas, alcohol or taking medication, it is by no means an appropriate way to lose a child. As for exercises to induce a miscarriage, such exercises are not suitable during pregnancy, during which there is a risk of falling. Horse riding, skiing, snowboarding, skating or extreme sports should be taboo for you. Potentially dangerous sports should also be avoided. You don't have to give up weight training, cycling, tennis and ball games completely, but you have to adapt the pace to your new condition. It is not advisable to overdo it and exercise until exhaustion. During exercise, the pulse should not exceed 120 beats per minute. None of these methods is safe, and by doing so you can endanger not only the child, but also yourself.

You can avoid an unwanted pregnancy in several legal ways. If you had unprotected sex, emergency contraception is an option. The pill after intercourse must be taken within a maximum of 72 hours after sexual intercourse. There is no pharmacological form of artificial abortion in Slovakia, it is possible only abroad, e.g. in the Czech Republic. In Slovakia, you have the option of surgical termination of pregnancy (if the pregnancy has not exceeded 12 weeks, if a genetic disorder of the fetus is proven, it is up to 24 weeks), the procedure does not last longer than a few tens of minutes. It is possible to terminate a pregnancy if the age of 16 has not been reached, the health of the woman or the development of the fetus is at risk. In the event that an abortion is not possible, there is still the possibility that you will deliver the child and choose an anonymous birth, a rescue center or adoption. A child is always a gift, so in the event of an unwanted pregnancy, consider whether inducing an abortion is really the only option for you.

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