Babies learn many new activities and skills during their first year. During the first 28 days, the baby is referred to as a newborn, then until the end of the first year it is called an infant. At the age of one to three years, it is already a toddler. In all periods of development there are various joys, but also complications. Caring for a child is demanding and something different is important in each period. In the case of a newborn and an infant, good nutrition and the provision of security and love are important, in the case of a toddler, development is more dynamic. The child starts to walk and talk, you need to motivate him and play with him. We have prepared articles for you, from which you will learn everything you need to know when caring for and raising a child. We looked at various diseases, the most common problems in education or individual processes that a child goes through. We will be happy if you join the discussion and share your experiences.

Children's sleep by age

Children's sleep by age - table. How much sleep do babies need?

Sufficiently long and high-quality sleep in optimal conditions affects the child's development, behavior, ability to perceive and learn. How much does a newborn, infant, toddler sleep?
Psychomotor development's of the child

Child's psychomotor development month by month

The child's development is most intense in the first year of life, then it slows down until puberty. In the article, we summarized how a child's development looks from birth to 18 months.
Anti-Flat Head Pillow

Anti-Flat Head Pillow. What are the reviews and experiences

It is said that the anti-flat head pillow serves as a prevention of the child's flat head. However, there are many conflicting opinions about this orthopedic device.
Baby's first vaccination

Baby's first vaccination - experience, reactions (temperature, swelling, redness)

The first vaccinations are part of the newborn's primary health examinations. They often bring with them certain side effects that require the careful attention of parents.
Vojta therapy for babies

Vojta therapy for babies - exercises for the head, legs and climbing support + video

Vojta method is a proven way of exercising with children, but it can also be used with adult patients. Does Vojta therapy have unwanted effects? Is it necessary to take a course on Vojta therapy?
Cranial orthosis

Cranial orthosis - Remodeling helmet for flat head

What exactly is a cranial orthosis and on what principle does it work? You can read everything about this remodeling orthosis designed to eliminate deformations of the newborn skull in the article.
Flat head syndrome

Flat head syndrome. What does a flat head look like?

A pliable structure is characteristic especially for the skull of a newborn. Sometimes due to the influence of various external factors, certain parts of the skull are overloaded, and thus the problem of the baby's flat head arises.

Dysphasia - a developmental speech disorder. Delayed speech development in children

Impaired speech development - developmental dysphasia can only be diagnosed roughly between the 3rd and 4th year of life, sometimes the diagnosis takes place even later (5th - 7th year). How does delayed speech development manifest itself?
How to increase milk production

How to increase milk production? Food, homeopathics and suction

Breast milk is irreplaceable in terms of nutrition. What is good for milk production? Does tea affect milk production and what are the grandmother's tips that will help support milk production?

What is dyslexia and how does it arise - manifestations in reading disorder

Dyslexia manifests itself in the fact that the child cannot associate letters with their sound form, so he knows the letter, but cannot identify which one it is. How to solve reading disorders? How does dyslexia arise?
Asperger syndrome

Asperger's syndrome and its first manifestations in children

Asperger's syndrome is manifested by disorders of behavior, social interactions and communication. What is the essence of this genetic anomaly and what are its manifestations?
Hysterical attacks in children

Hysterical attacks in children. How to calm a hysterical child and avoid crying fits

Not every child has a period of defiance full of hysterical fits, crying and screaming. However, if such a situation occurs, it is good to know what to do when a child has a tantrum.
Storage of breast milk

Storing breast milk in the refrigerator, freezer and at room temperature

Breast milk can be stored in several ways. Is reheating breast milk appropriate? How long does breast milk last at room temperature?
Introduction of complementary foods

Introduction of complementary foods. First foods from the 4th month - recipes

It brings you the most important information regarding the phased introduction of baby food. We focus on the time horizon of introducing a new menu and ways to introduce side dishes.
What not to eat while breastfeeding

What not to eat while breastfeeding - are poppy seeds, ginger or chocolate suitable while breastfeeding?

Diet during breastfeeding has many restrictions. During this period, there are certain forbidden foods that mothers must avoid. What should not be eaten while breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding positions

Breastfeeding positions. Is vertical the right and best one?

There is no right or wrong way of breastfeeding, the mother and the child must find a position that will suit both of them. However, it is important to know more breastfeeding positions and techniques.
Stop using diapers

Stop using diapers in a week. How to wean a child from diapers and how long does it take?

The question of many mothers is when is the right time to start weaning from diapers. In our article, in addition to this information, you will also read about why summer is the best time to stop using diapers.
How to potty train a child

How to potty train a child in 7 days. Advice if a 2-year-old child does not want to sit on the potty

Potty training requires proper timing. Weaning a baby is a challenge and goes hand in hand with potty training. Our rules and policies will help you potty train your child faster.
A defiant child

The period of defiance - advice on how to manage it. When does it start and how long does it last?

Defiance in children is a natural phenomenon. A parent will meet him sooner or later with his child. It is good to know how to handle the period of defiance in children. How long does it last, how does it manifest itself and how to deal with the period of resistance?
12-month-old baby

12-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

However, a 12-month-old baby is already a child whose development will progress from week to week. Active sitting, chattering, first words and first steps on two legs. It improves what has been learned so far.

11-month-old baby

11-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

Towards the 1-year milestone, parents can expect significant progress in their 11-month-old baby. The child has a need to crawl everywhere, begins to recognize parts of his body and imitate certain actions.

10-month-old baby

10-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

If the child learned something a month ago and it was new, in the 10th month it will be a level better. The child will improve in everything he knows so far.

9-month-old baby

9-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

From the 9th month, children are more communicative, more playful and less afraid of other adults. However, separation anxiety may still be present. The child more actively understands the purpose of objects.

8-month-old baby

8-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

An 8-month-old child is already walking on all fours and has no problem getting from place to place. If you've always thought that your child is restless, he'll be crawling everywhere on all fours, and a pair of extra eyes will definitely come in handy.

7-month-old baby

7-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

Progress in the baby's movements is characteristic for the 7th month. The child is more socially active, the first teeth are usually already visible and the child also responds to calling his name. What else can he do?

6-month-old baby

6-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

Although each month in a baby's development is often referred to as a "turning point", this is definitely true in the case of the 6th month. Although he still has the status of an infant, a 6-month-old child is already a receptive and understanding member of the family.

5-month-old baby

5-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

At 5 months, a baby becomes a child who actively seeks company and responds to all stimuli. What should a 5-month-old baby know or what should he be able to do and does he really need to be able to sit?

4-month-old baby

4-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

Over the course of 16 weeks, the baby has grown and has an even greater desire to follow everything that is happening around him. His effort is to communicate more, mumbling replaces lively chatter and active laughter.

3-month-old baby

3-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

A 3-month-old baby is already beginning to show its will, interacts with the environment more intensively, stays awake longer, and significant changes also occur in the infant's psychomotor development. What can he do?

2-month-old baby

2-month-old baby (child) - development, diet, sleep, exercises, toys. See what it can do

At 2 months old, there are other developments that define the baby. Sleeping habits and behavior will change and the little one's communication tools will be enriched. What should a 2-month-old baby know?

1-month-old baby

Month-old baby - what can a 4-week-old baby do and how does it perceive his mother?

Your newborn will be a new human every week, and all his progress will be happening right before your eyes. How does a baby perceive its mother and what can a 1-month-old baby do?