The longed-for baby is born, and a lot of questions popped up in your head, to which you are gradually looking for an answer? Especially in the case of first-time mothers, it is completely natural. How to take care of a little man? Is hiccups and sneezing typical for him? How to feed him? How to handle him so as not to hurt him? The first days, maybe even weeks with a baby can seem difficult, but if you find your rhythm and are on the same page with the little one, it will work out. In our articles you will find all the important information about caring for a newborn. You can join the discussion and share your experiences to help all moms who are going through what you are going through.

Sudden infant death syndrome

Sudden infant death syndrome - up to what age is the risk and what is the first aid

After the birth of the baby, parents may encounter pitfalls that can turn their lives upside down. One of the biggest and most feared scares is sudden infant death syndrome.
Baby Burp Positions

Positions for burping a baby or how to make a baby burp

Burping a baby after feeding requires a certain amount of time, patience and the right position, thanks to which the baby will work towards relief in the form of burping faster and easier. How to do it?
Tiger in the tree baby position

Tiger in the tree – tiger position not only for burping the newborn

The correct position greatly affects the development of the baby. Therefore, there are certain positions that are ideal for specific activities. One of them is the tiger position.
Positioning of the newborn

Positioning a newborn or how to properly position a baby

In what way and for how long should the baby be positioned? How does this activity affect the proper development of the child? What positions are suitable for a newborn, or inappropriate? We have summarized the answers in our article.
Newborn hiccups

Newborn hiccups. How to stop baby hiccups

Newborns and infants wait more often than adults, so it is not surprising that many mothers experience this phenomenon. Why does a newborn hiccups, how to prevent hiccups and how to stop them?
Umbilical cord

Umbilical cord in children. To operate or not? Umbilical hernia in a newborn

Umbilical hernia (band) is a congenital phenomenon in newborns. It occurs in approximately 10 to 20% of newborns, including up to 30% in premature babies. Is it necessary to operate the umbilical cord or not?
Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety in babies and older children - how does it arise, how does it manifest itself and how long does it last?

Separation anxiety manifests itself in unmistakable anxiety states and fear associated with separation from the mother. What are its symptoms, when does it appear and what causes this condition?
Immunological window

Immunological window in children - what to administer and what is the procedure?

In the immunological window, between the end of the 4th month and reaching one year, it is necessary to try to introduce potential allergens into the baby's daily diet. How to proceed?
Growth spurt

Growth spurt in children in the 6th week, but also in the 3rd month. How long does it take?

What is a growth spurt, when can it be expected, how the growth spurt manifests itself and what changes need to be introduced into the daily schedule during the growth spurt will be answered in the article.
Symptoms of Down syndrome in a baby

Symptoms of Down syndrome in a newborn. Suspected pregnancy is a risk

We have summarized for you what Down syndrome is, what are its manifestations and what tests can be used to detect it in time in the following article.
Constipation in a baby

Constipation in a baby. Hard stool after formula

Constipation in children is mostly from milk, while it is true that infants receiving food in the form of breast milk are less prone to such intestinal problems. How to deal with constipation in babies?
Newborn vision

Newborn vision - how babies see. Is squinting and eye rolling okay?

Sight is the least developed sense in a baby after birth. How far can a newborn see after birth? How does the baby see in the 6th week? What does newborn squinting mean and how does it manifest itself?
Premature babies

Premature babies. Premature birth at 25 weeks can have consequences

For parents-to-be, premature birth can be shocking, stressful and full of anxiety. This is a condition that is considered risky. When is a baby full-term and when is it considered premature?
Navel of a newborn

Proper treatment of the navel of a newborn - how to care for it. Rubbing alcohol and a bloody or inflamed navel

When does the umbilical cord fall off? How to clean the navel of a newborn and how to care for it? What to do if a bloody or smelly navel appears in a newborn?
Newborn stool

Newborn stool - green, black or liquid after formula?

What should normal stool look like in newborns, what is the correct color and consistency of stool, the ideal amount or frequency of stool? You will learn everything important about newborn stool in the article.
Cradle cap

Cradle cap in newborns and older children. Shampoo, special cream and olive oil will help

Do you suspect that you have noticed white to yellowish-white scales in your hair or on your head? It can be cradle cap (milk crust) or, more precisely, newborn seborrhea. How to deal with her?
Neonatal jaundice

Neonatal jaundice - values, duration, sun treatment, phototherapy

Newborn jaundice is a common condition that can appear a few days after birth - the baby's skin and part of the whites of the eyes turn yellow and the baby is sleepier than usual. When is there cause for concern?
Newborn acne

Newborn acne - red semolina rashes in a newborn and their treatment

The occurrence of newborn acne is typical for babies under the age of 2 months, it is a temporary skin disease that usually goes away on its own. What does newborn acne look like and what helps with newborn acne?