12th week of pregnancy

12th week of pregnancy - what month is it? Fetal size, ultrasound and baby gender

The pregnancy has progressed to the stage where the placenta begins to function. Thanks to this, mothers are relieved of some symptoms in the last weeks of the first trimester. Especially if it's nausea. The baby's muscles continue to develop and strengthen as the baby moves. The mother-to-be does not feel the movements yet. The bones harden and the fetus takes calcium from the mother's body. Hair follicles also develop and genitals begin to form. It is even possible to determine the gender of the baby, but it is not yet guaranteed. The first trimester is at its peak. What changes can a woman observe? What examinations await the mother in the 12th week of pregnancy? Is the pregnant belly already visible? What month is the 12th week of pregnancy?

Published: 10.11.2023
Updated: 14.12.2023

The first trimester is slowly but surely coming to an end. Both mother and baby went through an enormously important phase of pregnancy. In the first trimester, the fetus is constantly most prone to congenital diseases, occurrence of developmental-degenerative diseases and the like. By now, most systems and systems should be developed and functional. All mothers are interested in how the baby is developing or how big it is. Many women are surprised to find that they "glow" during this period. You have healthier hair, stronger nails and, thanks to hormones and more blood, you have better and better skin. On the other hand, if the symptoms of unpleasant pregnancy symptoms are not receding, they may be at their peak. How does the fetus develop and what are the feelings of a woman in the 12th tt?

Baby's development in the 12th week of pregnancy - gender known?

Apart from the fact that the fetus looks more and more "baby-like", the most important thing is the development of organs and body systems. The breathing and swallowing reflex is improved thanks to inhalation and swallowing of amniotic fluid. The child already excretes it into the amniotic fluid as urine. Kidney function is thus also improved. The skin of a small fetus is still thin to transparent and covered with fine hairs, the so-called lanugo. Strengthens muscles, bones and cartilage. It is recommended to increase calcium intake so that the fetus has something to draw from. Development is facilitated by the movement of the fetus in the abdomen. From the curled-up position, the baby slowly begins to stretch out. He moves, kicks, rolls over, bends his legs and clenches his hands into fists. If you are wondering about the 12th week of pregnancy and the movements, you won't feel them yet.

Most of the intestines have already moved from the umbilical cord to the abdomen and are looking for their place. Several bodies are already in place. The liver already produces red blood cells and bile. In this or the next few weeks, the production of insulin in the pancreas will also begin. The bone marrow is also functional, which in turn produces white blood cells. The heart rate stabilized at an average of 160 beats per minute. In the lower part of the brain, the activity of the pituitary gland can already be activated and the production of hormones in the body will begin. It will sound strange, but the baby "practices facial expressions" in the tummy, frowns, smiles and stretches his arms towards his head. Vocal cords are formed and taste buds have already formed in the oral cavity, as well as gums with the basis for milk teeth.

The important thing is that the placenta, which is larger than the fetus, is already developed enough that it is able to ensure the production of hormones and begins to nourish the fetus. From now on, the placenta is the main mediator and the maintenance and healthy course of pregnancy depends on it. The genitals are already visible in the signs, but it is not yet completely possible to reveal the gender with certainty. Thanks to the ultrasound, the doctor can see the direction of the genital bump, but only rarely can he say with certainty already in this week that it is a boy or a girl. So you will have to wait for the definitive one.

Did you know that the amniotic fluid protects the baby in the belly and at the same time helps maintain a stable temperature of around 37.6 °C? Amniotic fluid provides the baby with the possibility of movement. It thus contributes to the development of his muscles, bones, cartilages and overall locomotor system. By swallowing and inhaling it, it stimulates the activity of the kidneys (production of urine) and lung sacs. It also protects it from impacts and dampens any sudden movements. It contains all the necessary nutrients and antibodies. Its volume increases during pregnancy, and in total there will be 800 to 1,000 ml of amniotic fluid in the body of the future mother. The largest volume is reached around the 36th week of pregnancy.

12th week of pregnancy – ultrasound and examinations

In the 12th week of pregnancy, the size of the fetus can be compared to a kiwi, lime or lemon. The parietal-coccygeal length (CRL) may be around 54 mm at the beginning of the week, but it may be around 66 mm by the end of the week. The weight is approximately 14 to 19 g, Of course, every pregnancy is different and the size of the fetus or its weight also has certain deviations. The uterus and also the placenta, which is already visibly larger than the fetus, increases in size. You can find out all the details about your condition and the condition of the fetus in your doctor's pregnancy consultation.

Between the 10th and 14th week, the first combined first-trimester screening is performed. In addition to routine examinations, such as pressure measurement, control of weight gain, blood and urine sampling, detection of difficulties, symptoms or other complications, the doctor also performs a detailed ultrasound, where he is interested in the development of the fetus. The CRL measurement is performed, the heartbeat frequency is observed and possible multiple pregnancy is also investigated. During this screening, a PAPP A test is performed from the blood, which can detect up to 90% of possible birth defects. Additionally, it is possible to apply for a commercial NIPT test, which can reveal other fetal deviations and developmental disorders. Such a complete screening examination can be performed by a doctor even during the very first visit of a pregnant woman this week. Most women get their initial check-up between 6 and 12 weeks.

At this stage of pregnancy, the doctor can already determine the estimated date of birth. From the first visit, you will attend the pregnancy consultation at least once every 4 to 6 weeks. If this is your first "pregnancy" visit to the doctor, the doctor must first confirm the pregnancy. Subsequently, all the necessary examinations will take place - blood and urine sampling, measurement of pressure, height, weight, measurement of the fetus and more. He will be interested in your family history, illnesses, past illnesses, medications you take, allergies and others. You will have a pregnancy book in which the doctor will record everything.

12th week of pregnancy – feelings and pregnant belly

Will you get the belly you've been waiting for already in the 12th week of pregnancy? At the end of the first trimester, the belly can start to protrude slightly in the lower abdomen. However, there is no need to fixate on the pregnant belly, because for many women it will not be visible for several weeks. Much depends on the body type, individual characteristics of pregnancy or the intensity of weight gain. Women who are already pregnant or expecting twins, triplets, etc., can enjoy their pregnant belly earlier. However, you can definitely feel that you are strengthening around the waist, you could easily have gained hundreds of grams or even 1 or 2 kilograms. Appetite and feeling of hunger are also prominent symptoms. In other women, it is an aversion to certain types of food.

Your breasts will still grow, or you will feel that they are fuller and fuller. Visible veins appear because the breasts are more and more bloodstained. The areolas around the nipples are darker. Pigment spots may appear on the skin - chloasma 1 After childbirth, these spots disappear. While a large percentage of women report that many symptoms are subsiding, others still experience drops in pressure, nausea or dizziness. So it is not a written rule. A feeling of tiredness is still typical, although it may not be so pronounced anymore, because your body will ease the work of the placenta. The feeling of bloating and flatulence can persist for a long time.

Swelling and bleeding gums can be troublesome during this period. It is advisable to visit a dentist to check the condition of your teeth. You don't even have to worry about the increased intensity of vaginal discharge. It has a clear milky color during this period. By producing it, the body protects the vagina and the fetus from infections. It is kept in the cervix, where there is a mucus plug. If it changes color, smells, or you experience itching, pain, or burning, it may be an infection. You can also observe soiling or slightly bloody discharge after sexual intercourse - sex.

12th week of pregnancy pregnant belly

Pregnancy beauty and nausea on the decline

Although you may feel that gaining weight is bad for you and that tighter clothes are the time for a wardrobe change, your body will rightfully tell you otherwise. Statements such as " pregnancy suits you " did not arise by chance. Hormonal activity causes you to have more beautiful hair, healthier nails or beautiful, fresh skin. The reason is increased blood flow. Yes, stretch marks may appear on your butt, thighs or sides, but this is a sure sign that your body is going through a beautiful change. And believe it or not, your sex drive will increase.

Morning sickness should subside, or their manifestations should weaken. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all women. It is also pleasing that the uterus already moves higher during this period and does not press on the bladder, so in the second trimester the symptoms of frequent urination may disappear, only to return later. On the other hand, the displacement of the uterus and its stretching can cause pain in the lower abdomen and cramps.

Sex in pregnancy - 12th week

Excessive fatigue, nausea, urge to urinate or bloating. It is a fact that many symptoms of pregnancy at this stage can affect the desire for sex. Hormonal changes can negatively affect a woman's libido, but hormones can also ensure an increase in sex drive and desire for sex. At this stage of pregnancy, the woman's belly is not yet limited, and if partners feel like having sex, there is no reason to avoid this intimate activity. Unless you have problems in the intimate area, such as burning, itching or irritation caused by, for example, infection or inflammation, you certainly do not have to avoid sex during pregnancy in the 12th week.

12th week of pregnancy - experience

Women often look for practical advice in forums. Some women ask about the course of the check-up with the doctor. The answer is that it is a relatively individual process, depending on the gynecologist. Some doctors prefer only an ultrasound examination in addition to laboratory examinations this week, others will also use a transvaginal probe. Many mothers are interested in the first-trimester screening, as well as when it is ideal to take it. Women also talk about the possibility of paid tests, which the mother has to choose from. The doctor should always explain their essence to the woman. In the discussions, the women also talked about the disappearance of nausea and several symptoms in the 12th week, which many experienced mothers stated as completely normal and natural. However, for some pregnant women, nausea persists during the entire pregnancy.

The most frequent questions - FAQ

Are you interested in the course of pregnancy? Do you want to know what happens in the mother's body and how the baby develops in the 12th week of pregnancy? Are you in this stage of pregnancy? Do you remember your feelings in the 12th week of pregnancy? Have you already had all the necessary examinations? What pregnancy symptoms have you experienced? Were there any complications in your case? Share with us your experiences of pregnancy at this stage. We will be glad for your opinions, advice and recommendations, with which you can help other readers, or future mothers. It is enough if you contribute to the discussion under the article with a comment.

12. week of pregnancy is the 3rd month. This is the penultimate week of the first trimester.

The size of the fetus in the 12th week of pregnancy is compared to a kiwi or a lime. The occipital length (CRL) ranges from 54 to 66 mm, while the weight of the fetus is around 14 to 19 g. However, by the end of the week, it can also exceed the 25 g mark.

Pregnancy is at a stage when many risks are receding. For example, the risk of spontaneous abortion is significantly reduced, as well as the risk of congenital diseases, as the fetus is monitored and detailed examinations are carried out. The placenta becomes fully functional and the organs in the child's body are already developed. Further, the child will grow to perfect its processes.

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