The new stage in the life of a future mother is a series of life changes. Every pregnancy is different, yet there are common signs and problems that every woman faces during pregnancy. The first symptoms of pregnancy are felt by some women almost immediately from the beginning of pregnancy, for others they appear only after a few weeks. Some women do not even know that they are pregnant for a long time, because they have menstruation or several days of light bleeding due to implantation of the fertilized egg. Are you interested in the course of pregnancy week by week, the right lifestyle, or possible complications during pregnancy? In our articles you will learn all the information you are interested in.

Perineal massage

Massage of the perineum - procedure and instructions for when to start. This oil has good reviews

Damage to the perineum during natural birth or having it cut by a doctor can be avoided in various ways. Among them is the so-called dam massage.
Types of contraception

Types of contraception - hormonal, non-hormonal and their forms

The differences are reflected not only in side effects and positives, but also in the application procedure of individual types of contraception. Above all, the effectiveness of the given contraception is important.

Ovulation - symptoms and calculation after menstruation. When is it painful?

From the point of view of a woman's fertility and the chance of pregnancy, the ovulation phase is enormously important. During this phase of the cycle, the woman has actual fertile days, which she can approximately calculate. How long does ovulation last?
Fatigue, weakness and dizziness in pregnancy

Fatigue, weakness and dizziness in pregnancy

The external changes of a woman's body are only a visible fraction of what pregnancy causes in the body. The symptoms also include fatigue, a feeling of general body weakness and dizziness during pregnancy.
Depression in pregnancy

Depression in pregnancy - sadness, fear and negative thoughts in pregnancy

Negative thoughts will cause anxiety and stress - in sum, this can mean that such a condition will develop to the point of turning into pregnancy depression. How to avoid pregnancy depression?
Anemia in pregnancy

Anemia in pregnancy. Iron deficiency in the blood and its symptoms

Low iron in pregnancy is a condition that is most often caused by the increased demands of the body to supply the fetus. How to treat anemia - anemia in pregnancy?
The most accurate calculation of fertile days

The most accurate calculation of fertile days even with an irregular cycle. When a girl, when a boy?

There are several more or less accurate methods for calculating fertile days. Is Jonah's method really accurate? Will a calculator help in calculating fertile days?
Kegel exercises in pregnancy

Kegel exercises in pregnancy for the pelvic floor. Exercises for pregnant + video

During pregnancy, the muscles of the pelvic floor bear the increased load of the fetus, uterus, placenta or bladder. Strengthening the pelvic floor, which Kegel exercises also provide, brings many benefits.
Calculation of the gender of the child

Calculation of the gender of the child according to Jonas, according to the age of the parents or according to the Chinese horoscope

If the gender cannot be determined on the basis of an ultrasound image, eager mothers resort to other methods of calculating the gender of the child. How does the calculation of the baby's gender work according to the different methods?

Diastasis Recti in pregnancy and after childbirth. What exercises will help?

Due to the changes a woman's body undergoes during pregnancy, diastasis is considered one of the most common physiological phenomena. Why does diastasis occur after childbirth? What are the exercises for diastasis?
Chickenpox, measles or shingles in pregnancy

Chickenpox, measles or shingles during pregnancy. What are the risks?

Measles, chicken pox or shingles in pregnancy? Well-known infectious diseases that are primarily associated with childhood. How risky are these diseases during pregnancy for the woman and the child?
Basal temperature

Basal temperature before menstruation, after ovulation and during pregnancy

One of the authoritative factors that a woman wishing to have a baby should regularly check is the basal temperature. How does the basal temperature change on fertile days and how to measure it?
The first ultrasound in pregnancy

The first ultrasound in pregnancy is done in the 12th week

In order for a woman to be sure of the correct course of pregnancy, it is ideal and recommended to undergo various gynecological examinations. The most important part of regular check-ups with a doctor is an ultrasound.
Urinary tract infection in pregnancy

Urinary tract infection in pregnancy - symptoms and treatment

During pregnancy, the urinary system is more susceptible to the occurrence of infections and inflammations of the urinary tract. How to treat urinary tract infection? Is frequent urination during pregnancy a symptom of inflammation or infection of the urinary tract?
Umbilical cord

Umbilical cord - when is it formed, how long is it, when to cut it after birth

Despite the fact that the umbilical cord is only a few tens of centimeters long, it can provide everything necessary for the proper development of the child. We looked at some facts and interesting facts about this wonder of nature.
Streptococcus in pregnancy

Streptococcus in pregnancy - what it is, how it occurs, symptoms and treatment

Group B streptococcus can cause urinary tract infections or infection of the placenta and amniotic fluid in pregnant women. When is streptococcus in pregnancy harmless and when is it a problem?
Morphological ultrasound

Morphological ultrasound - what it is, when it is done, what is the price

Morphological ultrasound detects abnormalities in the structural development and growth of the child, as well as the position of the placenta (genetic ultrasound). A large ultrasound is considered the most important ultrasound in pregnancy.
Flu, runny nose and cold in pregnancy

Flu, runny nose and cold in pregnancy. Effective treatment stops the symptoms

Every illness during pregnancy will cause the future mother to worry about herself and the baby. Whether it's a cold, a cold or the flu, there's no need to panic. What helps with colds and flu in pregnancy?
Herpes in pregnancy

Herpes in pregnancy. What about herpes on the lip or nose

Avoiding this disease is difficult, once it is in the body, it can manifest itself at any time. Therefore, expectant mothers are often afraid that it will appear during pregnancy. Can herpes endanger the baby?
Tea during pregnancy

What tea in pregnancy? Lime, mint or green?

A healthy drinking regime is especially important during pregnancy, because a lack of fluids causes headaches, fatigue or constipation. Is black, white or green tea suitable during pregnancy?
Spray and drops for the nose during pregnancy

Spray and drops for the nose during pregnancy. What for a runny nose for pregnant? Steaming over salt water also helps

Are nasal drops safe during pregnancy? What about nasal sprays and what alternative treatment methods can pregnant women try to beat the common cold? You will find out in the article.
Vitamins for pregnant women

The best vitamins for pregnant women. Natural vitamins in pregnancy have good reviews

If you are expecting or planning a baby, you should start pampering your body. Vitamins and minerals should be a regular part of your diet. What vitamins to take during pregnancy?
Probiotics during pregnancy

Probiotics for pregnant women. Natural ones are best during pregnancy

Probiotics provide a wide range of benefits to a pregnant woman. They have a positive effect on both mother and child, they affect digestion (diarrhea, constipation), build immunity and alleviate allergy symptoms.
Toothache during pregnancy

What about toothache during pregnancy. Is anesthesia at the dentist, tooth extraction or X-ray a risk for the child?

It is said that each pregnancy costs the expectant mother one tooth. What about dental x-rays and painkillers? Is teeth whitening allowed during pregnancy? Should you worry about tooth extraction during pregnancy?
Herbs in pregnancy

Herbs in pregnancy. Suitable + unsuitable ones: sage, honeydew, hibiscus, basil, thyme, chamomile

Herbs help with digestion, colds and coughs, they can cleanse the liver and kidneys. But what about herbs in pregnancy? Which ones are suitable?
Magnesium in pregnancy

Magnesium in pregnancy. When, how long and how much magnesium to take during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the need for magnesium intake increases by 15 to 30%. At the same time, its consumption in the body increases due to hormones. This means that a pregnant woman should increase her intake of this precious mineral.
Insomnia in pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy - causes, experiences and advice on how to fall asleep

Why is waking up at night during pregnancy a problem? When does insomnia appear in pregnancy? How to fall asleep during pregnancy and what helps you sleep peacefully?
Sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy

Sleeping on your stomach or lying on your back during pregnancy

Sleep problems are more than common during pregnancy. Many factors affect the quality of sleep, some of which you can influence and thus treat yourself to a well-deserved rest.
Low pressure in pregnancy

Low pressure in pregnancy. First aid if the pressure is borderline - how to increase low pressure?

Many mothers-to-be are surprised that they develop low blood pressure during pregnancy, hypertension or pressure fluctuations. What helps with low blood pressure?
Low back pain during pregnancy

Low back pain during pregnancy. What about back pain in the first trimester, but also in the 9th month

Lower back pain most often appears in the 5th to 7th month, but it can often be painful already at the beginning of pregnancy. What are the most common causes of back pain in pregnancy?
Discharge in pregnancy

Discharge during pregnancy - what does brown, yellow and white mean?

We have summarized the answers to the questions whether thick discharge during pregnancy is normal and where the cause of different colored discharge from the vagina during pregnancy comes from in the following article.
Constipation in pregnancy

Constipation in pregnancy. Which helps with severe and painful constipation

During pregnancy, the natural movements of the digestive system are reduced, the slowing down of intestinal peristalsis is the cause of constipation in pregnancy. What helps?

Aniball for pregnant women - experiences, reviews, recommendations

In connection with the perineal area of the female body, there are ways in which a woman can at least try to avoid the necessary incision during natural childbirth, namely the so-called aniball balloon.
After pill

Pill after intercourse - an abortion pill to terminate a pregnancy

There are situations when the arrival of offspring is more unacceptable for a woman (financial, age or relationship circumstances). A pill after intercourse is used for such purposes.
Numbness in hands and feet during pregnancy

Numbness in hands and feet during pregnancy. What helps with tingling?

Numbness in the hands during pregnancy, tingling in the legs or tingling in the fingers. These phenomena are also relatively often a part of pregnancy. What helps with pain in the legs and hands during pregnancy?
Tanning during pregnancy

Tanning during pregnancy. Don't risk burning your belly. What about sunscreen or tanning beds?

Sunbathing is an integral part of staying by the sea, which requires especially great care during pregnancy. What should you watch out for when tanning during pregnancy?
High blood pressure in pregnancy

High blood pressure in pregnancy. Symptoms and treatment, how to reduce pressure

Pressure during pregnancy, primarily during the first and second trimester, fluctuates significantly, which can cause it to increase or decrease. What does high bottom pressure mean? How to reduce high blood pressure during pregnancy?
Stretch marks in pregnancy

What about stretch marks during pregnancy? Cream and oil are best. What helps the most?

During pregnancy, the skin cannot cope with rapid fluctuations in hormones and weight. It loses its elasticity, elastin and collagen fibers crack due to higher tension. What about stretch marks during pregnancy?
Smoking during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy and its consequences. Electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco are not the solution

However difficult a problem smoking addiction may be, nicotine during pregnancy has been proven to have a negative effect on the health of the fetus. What causes smoking during pregnancy? How to stop smoking during pregnancy?
Diarrhea in pregnancy

Diarrhea in pregnancy in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester? Green can be infectious

What does diarrhea in pregnancy mean, under what physiological circumstances does the color of loose stool change and what can be expected from this pregnancy symptom during the individual stages of pregnancy?
Headache in pregnancy

Headache in pregnancy. What helps with a severe migraine?

What works for a headache or migraine during pregnancy? In the article, we have summarized mainly those forms of treatment that can be applied by yourself in the home environment.
Hair dye during pregnancy

Hair coloring during pregnancy. Is organic hair color suitable for pregnant women?

Is hair coloring safe during pregnancy? What hair color is suitable for pregnant women? You will find the answers to these and other questions in the article.
Coffee in pregnancy

Coffee in pregnancy. Classic or decaffeinated breakfast melta?

Once upon a time, coffee was strictly forbidden during pregnancy, today it is no longer clearly forbidden to drink it. Is classic coffee suitable during pregnancy or should you prefer the decaffeinated version?
Sore throat in pregnancy

Sore throat in pregnancy. What helps with severe pain when swallowing?

We have summarized the most suitable forms of treatment for pregnancy sore throat, while focusing mainly on classic treatment that a woman can perform on her own at home.
Hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are often painful and bleeding. How to treat them?

Problems with swelling or bleeding of the golden vein are not only the prerogative of pregnant women, but it is precisely during pregnancy that there is a high probability that this problem will appear. How to treat bleeding hemorrhoids?
Exercise for pregnant women

Exercise for pregnant women. The best exercises in pregnancy and what exercises not to do

Not all exercises and activities are allowed during pregnancy. When to start exercising? Is exercise appropriate during all trimesters? Which exercises are best and which to avoid during pregnancy?
Cord blood collection

Cord blood collection - price $600 and experience with collection

Umbilical cord blood is collected directly at birth. Collection can be carried out for various purposes. Subsequently, this blood can be stored. What is the subscription price and what do people's experiences say?
Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes and the effect on the child. The symptoms will be alleviated by a proper diet

How does gestational diabetes manifest itself and what are its symptoms? What should I eat if I have gestational diabetes? Is it necessary to undergo an examination for the diagnosis of gestational diabetes?
Mucus plug

Mucus plug - what does it look like, does it go away even before childbirth?

The mucous plug has the function of a kind of protector of the fetus against infectious threats during the entire pregnancy. What does a mucus plug look like in pregnancy?
Mushrooms in pregnancy

Mushrooms in pregnancy. Can champignons and other mushrooms be eaten?

Some recommend them as prohibited foods during pregnancy, others talk about their mineral and vitamin B content. Can I eat mushrooms during pregnancy? Which mushrooms can be eaten during pregnancy?
Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression - signs, manifestations, stories. We know how long it takes

What is postpartum depression, how long does it last, what symptoms does a woman experience in this psychological state? You will learn everything important in our article.

Contractions every 5 minutes. When to go to the hospital?

In connection with the arrival of the offspring into the world, contractions are definitely one of the most prominent symptoms of childbirth. How to recognize contractions? How do I know I'm having contractions? What are practice - false contractions?
Jonas method

Jonas method - calculator for calculating conception. Experience says it works

Jonas's method makes it possible to calculate the gender - a suitable term for the birth of a boy or a girl, and also to determine the period for the birth of a viable child. How does Jonas's method work?
Biochemical pregnancy

Biochemical pregnancy - how to recognize it and how to prevent it

Today's super sensitive pregnancy tests can detect this type of pregnancy, but in reality this pregnancy lasts no longer than 5-6 weeks and ends in early miscarriage. What is a biochemical pregnancy?
Flying during pregnancy

Flying during pregnancy. Is a long flight in the first trimester dangerous?

For long years in pregnancy, it is important that the pregnancy is not accompanied by major health complications, but also by the stage of pregnancy in which the woman is.
Swollen legs in pregnancy

Swollen legs in pregnancy. Which helps with leg pain and swelling

Swollen legs during pregnancy are not unusual. However, it is important to monitor the degree of swelling and, in case they appear, it is advisable to apply procedures that will relieve the woman from swelling.
Heartburn in pregnancy

Heartburn in pregnancy. When does it arise, what will help and how to alleviate it?

During heartburn, pregnant women experience unpleasant acidity and a bad taste in the mouth, which can make them want to vomit. What will help heartburn in pregnancy? Does baking soda really help with heartburn?
Gaining weight during pregnancy

Gaining weight in pregnancy after weeks. The table shows how much weight to gain

Whether you gain 8 or 15 kg during pregnancy does not matter as long as everything is fine during pregnancy. Gaining weight during pregnancy after weeks or trimesters is mainly indicative for expectant mothers.
Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy - symptoms, experiences, hCG values and termination

The reason for an ectopic pregnancy is that the fertilized egg did not descend into the uterus, but implanted outside it. How is an ectopic pregnancy detected? What are its symptoms, causes and treatment?
What not to eat during pregnancy

What not to eat during pregnancy. Forbidden foods for pregnant women - leave out raw meat and alcohol

Alcohol during pregnancy is strictly prohibited, but what about nuts, mushrooms or bryndza during pregnancy? Which foods are okay and what to avoid during pregnancy?
Egg implantation

Egg implantation - pain in the lower abdomen, blood, discharge and other symptoms

The implantation of the egg in the uterus is the process that definitively decides whether the fertilization of the egg was successful. Is it possible to feel fertilization or how long does it take for the egg to implant in the uterus?
Baby's first movements

Baby's first movements. Where and when do you feel the first movements in your belly?

How to recognize the baby's movements? When to feel the first movements in the abdomen? What do rapid movements of the baby in the tummy mean? You will find the answer to everything important in this article.
Hardening of abdomen in pregnancy

Hardening of abdomen in pregnancy. When is it dangerous? What does hardening of the abdomen before childbirth mean?

What does the hardening of the abdomen in pregnancy mean? Given the number of possible causes of abdominal tightening during pregnancy, we will present you with the most common reasons for this phenomenon and explain why it happens.
What blood types cannot have babies together?

What blood types cannot have babies together? How to find out the child's blood type + table

The blood groups of partners can affect the course of pregnancy, its riskiness, as well as the development of the fetus itself. Why is blood type determination important? Which combination of blood types is the worst and which is the best?
Menstruation during pregnancy

Menstruation during pregnancy. Bleeding and spotting during pregnancy

Can menstruation and pregnancy take place in the female body at the same time? What causes bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy? We discussed this issue in the article.
Nausea in pregnancy

Nausea in pregnancy. Dizziness, feeling like vomiting and belching. We will advise what helps

Almost 80% of women experience nausea during the first weeks of pregnancy. The symptoms are individual and each pregnant woman may experience different symptoms. What helps in managing nausea in pregnancy?
Folic acid in pregnancy

Folic acid in pregnancy - how long to take it and what is the dosage

Why is folic acid considered such an important vitamin for pregnant women? What are the effects of folic acid? And what can excess folic acid cause?
Early pregnancy symptoms

The very first symptoms of pregnancy - discharge, lower back pain, diarrhea, frequent urination, nausea. When will they appear?

What are the first symptoms of pregnancy after fertilization, what causes them and how to deal with them, we have summarized for you in the article.
15th week of pregnancy

15th week of pregnancy – pain in the lower abdomen, ultrasound and belly. Which month is it?

The belly can already be seen in several women at the 15th week. However, movements cannot be felt at this stage of pregnancy. The baby is the size of a pear, apple or a larger orange.

14th week of pregnancy

14th week of pregnancy – pain in the lower abdomen, movements, belly and ultrasound

Several symptoms of pregnancy may be on the wane, but others may appear - swelling of the legs or the common cold during pregnancy. How does a woman feel in the 14th week of pregnancy? How does the fetus develop at the beginning of the second trimester?

13th week of pregnancy

13th week of pregnancy - gender, risks, ultrasound and fetal size

The last week of the 3rd month is characteristic for many women in that several symptoms subside. How is the baby developing and is the pregnant belly already visible?

12th week of pregnancy

12th week of pregnancy - what month is it? Fetal size, ultrasound and baby gender

The first trimester is at its peak. What changes can a woman observe? What examinations await the mother in the 12th week of pregnancy? Is the pregnant belly already visible? What month is the 12th week of pregnancy?

11th week of pregnancy

11th week of pregnancy – belly size, movements and pain in the lower abdomen. Which month is it?

The fetus in the abdomen grows as if from "amniotic fluid", and the expectant mother may begin to notice other symptoms. What tests will you undergo? Can you already see the pregnant belly?

10th week of pregnancy

10th week of pregnancy - size of the fetus, symptoms, size of the belly and pain in the lower abdomen

The fetal phase begins and the most important organs gradually start their processes. The fruit is already the size of a strawberry and is actively moving. However, it is still too small for a woman to feel these movements.

9th week of pregnancy

9th week of pregnancy - symptoms, belly size, ultrasound and fetal size

There is a lot going on in a woman's body. Day by day, the embryo takes shape and begins to resemble a human more and more. Although it is still the equivalent of an olive or a peanut in size. How does a baby develop in the womb?

8th week of pregnancy

8th week of pregnancy - fetal size, belly, symptoms. Am I expecting twins?

Apart from a few visual changes, pregnancy will not be visible on the outside. The belly is not yet growing, but the breasts can already be one size bigger. How does a woman feel in the 8th tt?

7th week of pregnancy

7th week of pregnancy - symptoms, pain in the lower abdomen, size of the fetus. Which month is it?

In the 7th week of pregnancy, the embryo develops and grows rapidly. Ultrasound can now also reveal details such as eyes, eyelids or even the mouth. The expectant mother can observe other changes in herself, which she will also feel at the same time.

6th week of pregnancy

6th week of pregnancy - pain in the lower abdomen, symptoms, belly. Time for an ultrasound?

The 4th week from conception and 6 weeks from the last period means that bigger and bigger "miracles" are happening in a woman's body. What does a baby look like in the 6th week of pregnancy? What symptoms does a pregnant woman experience?

5th week of pregnancy

5th week of pregnancy – ultrasound, belly, pain in the lower abdomen and the size of the fetus

In the 5th week, the baby develops again, cells slowly turn into organs and systems also develop. Most women already start to notice certain symptoms, including delayed menstruation.

4th week of pregnancy

4th week of pregnancy - symptoms, ultrasound, pain in the lower abdomen, hCG

At the end of the first month, pregnancy reaches a stage when it can be concluded that a woman is pregnant and expecting a baby. From this moment on, her body, organism and psyche begin to change significantly.

3rd week of pregnancy

3rd week of pregnancy - symptoms, pain in the lower abdomen and the size of the fetus

In the third week, the hCG pregnancy hormone may be present, but it must be remembered that the egg may not yet be firmly embedded in the uterus. What happens in a woman's body during the 3rd week of pregnancy?

2nd week of pregnancy

2nd week of pregnancy - symptoms, belly, size of fetus. Go for an ultrasound?

Despite the fact that the 2nd week of pregnancy will be retroactively entered in the pregnancy book - diary, the woman's pregnancy is not actually present yet. What specifics does the 2nd week of "pregnancy" bring?

1st week of pregnancy

1st week of pregnancy – symptoms in the first week

In the understanding of pregnancy, the first week of pregnancy is a kind of pre-preparation of the female body for the successful fertilization of the egg by the male sperm. At the same time, it means that technically the woman is "not pregnant" yet.