Can I get a positive pregnancy test and not be pregnant?

Can I get a positive pregnancy test and not be pregnant?

Published: 10.11.2023
Updated: 14.12.2023

Despite the fact that nowadays pregnancy tests are very sensitive and can detect whether a woman is pregnant relatively soon after fertilization, they can be wrong in some cases. Especially if you took a pregnancy test soon after the expected fertilization. Pregnancy tests identify the human hCG hormone that a woman's body produces during pregnancy, and if performed correctly, their success rate is up to 99%. The amount of the hCG hormone increases with each day of pregnancy, so it is recommended to take the test repeatedly to confirm the result.

A false positive result is very rare in the case of pregnancy tests, but if it does happen, there can be several reasons. The most unlikely and least "good" possibility is a tumor disease (cancer) in which the hormone beta hCG is produced. A false result can be the result of a recent pregnancy (after miscarriage or termination of pregnancy), ovarian cysts, kidney disease or drugs containing the hormone hCG (for fertility). A positive result on a pregnancy test can also cause a molar, biochemical or ectopic pregnancy. One of the reasons can also be a poorly stored pregnancy test, because if it gets wet, it can be falsely positive.

When testing, it is best to use the first morning urine (the concentration of hCG in the urine is higher in the morning), if you use older urine or urine during the day, the result may be false. First of all, you should take the test only on the first day of the missed period, it is recommended not to drink a lot of fluids before the test. Each test has instructions on how to use it. Although handling the test is simple and intuitive, you must follow the instructions, as they may differ slightly in terms of immersion in urine and the time window when to read the result. In some cases, only a very pale second line may appear on the test, but the test can still be marked as positive. The test must be repeated in 1-2 days to make the result clearer.

The question "can a positive pregnancy test come out even if I am not pregnant" is discussed by many women in discussions and forums. Women have experience with a false positive pregnancy test. However, according to them, it happens more often that the pregnancy test is negative, despite the fact that the woman is already pregnant, there are fewer cases when the test was positive and the pregnancy was not confirmed. If it is negative and you suspect pregnancy, it should be repeated after a few days. Otherwise, you have to figure out the reason why the test is positive, although the reality is different. If the pregnancy test was positive and then negative, it was most likely a miscarriage. In any case, women in discussions advise to contact their doctor.

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