When does the baby roll over?

When does the baby roll over?

Published: 16.10.2023
Updated: 05.12.2023

In the first weeks and months , a typical position for the baby is on the back . The locomotor apparatus, muscles, ligaments and joints do not yet have such developed motor skills that it is possible for the child to roll over. Everything starts gradually, from shaking hands or feet to the moment when the baby starts rolling over on its side and tummy. Well, it's not so far that an infant becomes a "four-legged" toddler.

The manual says that the baby starts to roll over on its tummy around the 4th to 6th month of life. However, even this progress is relatively individual and there is no need to fixate on a specific month. Some children lean on their elbows on their stomachs as early as 3 months, others start doing so around 6 to 7 months. Usually, the first independent transition from the back to the tummy happens around the 5th month, only exceptionally it happens earlier. If this moment comes later, there is no reason to worry.

If you observe that the child is trying to roll over on its side, engages the whole body, lifts its legs and turns its head in the direction it wants to roll over , you can help it. This is a very good signal and a sign of progress. Hold the lower part of the baby's legs (feet), when the baby is bent, it will fit into them and you will give it support so that it can roll over . Never try to push the baby, such a change of position can scare him. You can also motivate the child by placing a toy on one side of the crib for him to reach for . Then give his legs support again and watch him try to reach the toy. The whole process is gradual and fluid . Likewise, the subsequent rewinding back to the back . Of course, don't expect everything to work out the first time.

You can also help the turning over by lying on your back and placing the child on top of you in the chest area, you communicate with him and the child does not even have time to realize that he is in a different position than he used to be. Such a shock does not occur during subsequent natural overshooting. Some parents write in discussions that without help, their child did not roll over until around 6-7 months. For some even later. There are also cases when the child rolls over independently as early as around the 4th month. Every child is individual. Be careful, however, if the child shows no effort to roll over. In that case, a pediatrician or neurologist should assess the muscle tone.

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