How to put a baby to sleep?

How to put a baby to sleep?

Published: 26.10.2023
Updated: 05.12.2023

Sleep and babies are guaranteed to go together. After all, sleep is important at any age, not to mention newborns and infants, who sleep most of the day. At the same time, it is essential for their proper growth and psychomotor development . If your baby falls asleep contentedly and it is not necessary to apply any special procedures to put him to sleep, you are one of the happier parent . Not infrequently, however, parents struggle with the fact that their little one won't close their eyes. Alternatively, sleep is preceded by a long and heartbreaking cry. What if the baby does not want to sleep? How to put a baby to sleep?

Maybe some mothers would protest that newborns sleep for days. Well, not every newborn will fall asleep with a snap of a finger or a short rocking after being put in the crib. Sometimes you can rock and sing for hours, but you are more likely to close your eyes than the baby. Apparently, it is difficult to prepare one guide or recipe that would be guaranteed to work for putting every baby to sleep. That's why we also have some tips and advice for you that can work in practice.

It is appropriate to time sleep and create rituals . Definitely do not try to follow a fixed program that you have to put the baby to sleep within 20 minutes after nursing and burping. Rather, try to teach the child a certain regularity, which he will perceive thanks to repetitive activities. For example, after a bath, briefly rock the child in your arms and gradually prepare it for sleep. It becomes fixed in the child that sleep follows after bathing and nurturing. If you want him to sleep, do not stimulate his senses with toys, bet on a calm tone and stroking. For example, many mothers benefited from a forehead massage when falling asleep.

It is advisable to put the child to sleep in the dark or with dimmed light. The baby was used to dark spaces in the tummy for a long time. For many mothers, rocking has proven to be the standard. The rocking movement is again one of the habits that the baby has acquired in the tummy. Carrying in the arms, in a scarf, swinging in a crib or in a stroller. Some mothers state in discussions that their child was able to fall asleep only in the stroller.

It is appropriate to allow your child to be close to you. When falling asleep, talk to him, read him a lullaby or sing to him. Sometimes you just need to put the baby on your breast and your closeness and physical contact can work wonders. Breast milk also sometimes has miraculous effects. For infants, a sleeping companion in the form of a favorite pillow or plush toy can also be a suitable solution. Sometimes a piece of clothing from mom or a cloth diaper can be a sleeping companion.

Moms also use swinging on a fitness ball with a baby in their arms. One of the options is also wrapping the baby in a blanket. Several mothers advise that the child must find his own routine . Not every baby needs to fall asleep soon after feeding. Some children sleep through the day and have trouble falling asleep at night. Sleeping habits can take some time to develop . This is also why many parents are often exhausted and sleepless nights are part of the beginnings of caring for a baby. Short sleep intervals are also a common problem for parents, but it is natural that a child changes his sleeping habits , so fluctuations may occur more often.

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