When does a baby hold its head up?

When does a baby hold its head up?

Published: 03.11.2023
Updated: 05.12.2023

As part of the baby's development, already around the 3rd month, the infant can hold the spine upright and lift the head up for a few minutes in the prone position. This development phase is called "grazing horses, sheep or lambs". This is just a small step towards the baby gradually starting to hold its head. Stable holding of the head without support occurs in the baby during the 4th month of life . At this age, children usually have sufficiently developed upper body muscles, including those of the neck. Therefore, children are able to turn their heads at a limited angle even earlier.

The baby strengthens its neck muscles naturally, but you can help it precisely by placing the baby on its stomach more often. It is recommended to start with this position around the 2nd month. The child has an effort to raise the head and turn it. In addition, you can stimulate the movements of the neck muscles with various stimuli, talking, approaching your face from different angles or placing toys and objects within the reach of the baby, who already at 3 months tries to reach for objects that visually interest him.

The neck muscles continue to strengthen, and by approximately 6 to 7 months, the child should be able to smoothly move his head from side to side, even in a sitting position. If at the age of 3 months the baby does not engage the neck muscles and cannot hold the head up at least for a short time, it is advisable to seek the help of a specialist. Visit your pediatrician, who will recommend you to a physiotherapist if there are any deviations, and with the help of special exercises , the neck muscles will be strengthened. In some cases, it is also advisable to visit a neurologist to rule out disorders of the nervous system.

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