When to start exercising after giving birth?

When to start exercising after giving birth?

Published: 06.07.2023
Updated: 06.12.2023

It is completely natural that many mothers put on some extra kilos during pregnancy. Maybe even two or three. However, this is not a reason for panic or regret. It is completely normal and nothing prevents you from starting to work on your desired figure after giving birth. Of course, you have to take into account your state of health and bodily sensations after giving birth. Don't jump headlong into training. Every woman regenerates differently after giving birth, and the inclusion of physical activities in the daily plan is very individual. Especially if it was, for example, a section (caesarean section) or a complicated vaginal birth. Here it is definitely advisable to consult a doctor about the possibilities of exercise after childbirth. Pregnancy and childbirth alone represent an enormous burden on the body.

When to start exercising after childbirth largely depends on the course of childbirth. Some mothers start with simple exercises just a few days after giving birth. Some sources say that a woman's organism and body should allow at least 2 weeks of rest from increased physical activity after giving birth. The body should clearly receive a thorough regeneration. However, when you start practicing exercise after giving birth depends on your health condition after giving birth and the feelings that best tell you whether it is the right time to exercise. There is no universal time frame that would determine when to start exercising after giving birth. It is generally recommended to start light movement at least 7 days after vaginal delivery and at least 4 weeks after caesarean section. These values are indicative only. We are talking about very easy exercises without any excessive load or intensity.

However, exercising after giving birth does not automatically mean that you will return to your original pre-pregnancy training routines. No long runs, crossfit, Zumba classes or exercises with dumbbells are recommended for several weeks after delivery. There is no need to overload the body and exercise to the point of complete exhaustion, despite the fact that you may feel completely fit. For example, it is recommended to start exercising in the sixth week only for women who have not given birth by section or had any birth injuries. After six weeks, the body is usually already regenerated, stabilized, hormone levels are stable and in most cases it is possible to start with adequate physical activity.

How to exercise after childbirth? You can include simple diaphragmatic breathing in the postpartum period - you inhale fully, hold your breath for 5 seconds and exhale. Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor can be a matter of course. For example, scissors or cycling on the back are suitable. Later, you can try to include push-ups, lunges, squats or digging. When exercising, always listen to your body and make sure you give it enough time to recover. Everything in moderation.

Diastasis, which is the spreading and weakening of the abdominal muscles, can also appear in women after childbirth. If you suffer from such a condition, core exercises and abdominal muscle strengthening are the solution. Exercise and breastfeeding are not a problem either. You will definitely read on the Internet that during exercise, more lactic acid is released in the body, which results in a more sour taste of milk. However, several studies have never confirmed this effect on milk quality. However, it is recommended to stick to a lower frequency and intensity of training. Follow a healthy and balanced diet, do not practice any diets, especially if you are breastfeeding.

It is also clear from the experiences of mothers after giving birth that when it is the right time to start exercising after giving birth is determined by how difficult the birth is for the given woman. Therefore, feelings are important above all. Some women apply the first training up to 4 weeks after giving birth, others start with simple exercises just a few days after giving birth. Some mothers recommend waiting for the period after six weeks. In other discussions, women strongly emphasize pelvic floor exercises, already in the period of six weeks. Others, on the other hand, included long strollers as part of the need for movement.

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