Womb cleaning after miscarriage. How is it going?

Womb cleaning after miscarriage. How is it going?

Published: 31.10.2023
Updated: 06.12.2023

In the case of spontaneous abortion, we are talking about the phase of termination of pregnancy in a natural way, when the pregnancy did not last longer than 20 weeks. Spontaneous abortion - abortion is manifested by typical symptoms, such as heavy bleeding, intense abdominal pain - cramps, pain shooting into the back and prolonged spotting.

The earlier the abortion takes place, the less intense the bleeding. This is also why women can more easily confuse it with stronger menstruation. However, if the pregnancy lasts longer and there is a spontaneous abortion, the uterus will try to clean itself and there will be more intense bleeding. Not only the fetus itself will be expelled, but blood clots and placental and embryonic tissue will also be visible. The discharge will be lumpy. Self-cleaning after an abortion usually occurs in such a way that the discharge is very strong at the beginning of the abortion, while it gradually weakens after a few days. The pains in the lower abdomen are also intense. Women are advised to use Flector or Novalgin for pain relief. However, self-cleaning and staining can take a month, in some cases even up to 6 weeks.

If the bleeding is too heavy for more than 10 days, you should see your doctor. Severe cramps in the lower abdomen should gradually subside. If the uterus cannot be cleaned sufficiently by itself, it is necessary to proceed with surgical cleaning with the help of curettage. If the abortion is not complete, there is a risk of uterine infection and inflammation. Curettage is also often used in case of concealed abortion. The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia and can be performed on an outpatient basis. Cleaning is also performed as a preventive measure in some types of spontaneous abortion. Cleaning by curettage is diagnosed by a doctor by examining the vagina.

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