How should a newborn sleep?

How should a newborn sleep?

Published: 18.07.2023
Updated: 05.12.2023

The sleeping position of the newborn is very important because it is related to the safety of the child. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) can occur during sleep in the first months of life, so it is necessary to ensure a suitable sleeping environment and also to put the child to sleep in the correct position.

Your baby should sleep on his back from day one – regardless of whether you put him to sleep at night or during the day. In this position, his airways are free and the risk of SIDS is significantly reduced. In this position, the child usually sleeps the longest and best. There should not be any pillows or blankets in the crib, so that the child does not accidentally get tangled in them and endanger his breathing. In the first months, sleeping on the stomach is not suitable, because it significantly increases the risk of SIDS. Sleeping on the side is allowed, but the child must be placed correctly and ensure that he does not accidentally roll onto his stomach.

In the first days after birth, the baby excretes the remains of amniotic fluid, it becomes oversaturated and grunts with breast milk, for this reason the head should be higher than the legs. It is advisable to use a quick swaddle for a newborn. Swaddling is soothing and makes the newborn feel close to the mother. Thanks to this, it will be easier to fall asleep and the sleep will be longer. Mothers often use a nest to sleep, which prevents the baby from rolling over dangerously. In order to prevent the head from falling down, positioning is suitable - for example, supporting the spine so that the baby is slightly on its side.

It is not recommended for newborns to sleep on their stomachs at all. The child can thus sleep only when he can roll over on his own (around 4 to 6 months). By then, his muscles are already strong enough and the risk that something could happen to him in this position is minimized.

According to mothers, the baby should be positioned so that the head does not fall down. He can lie on his back and you will turn his head, but also on his side, while it is advisable to use a positioning triangle or a rolled blanket or a diaper.

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