How to hold a newborn?

How to hold a newborn?

Published: 14.09.2023
Updated: 08.12.2023

The concerns of every future mother and father. Holding and handling a newborn is a very stressful factor for many future parents. Concerns about whether you are holding your baby correctly are natural, and there are several ways to handle a small newborn safely.

Above all, gentle and gentle handling is important. No excessive sudden movements, tilts, shaking, dynamic swaying or rocking. When carrying and handling a child, a certain bond is created between parent and child. This is also why bonding begins immediately after birth. It doesn't really matter how you hold the baby in your arms. However, several experts agree that parents make too much of a science out of holding a newborn, which causes them concern. Correct holding is important from the point of view of the child's safety, but also correct holding affects its motor development. How to hold a newborn correctly and without worries?

  • When you hold the newborn, it is important to hold the head and neck with one hand, because the baby cannot yet control the movements of the head. With the other hand, hold the baby's bottom - the baby's back. Movements must be gentle, sensitive and fluid.
  • When wearing, you hold the head the whole time. The position of wearing in a ball (horizontal) is suitable.
  • Attention, never lift the child with a wide grip by grabbing it under the armpit. There is a risk of an inappropriate tilt of the head.
  • When laying the baby down, the technique is the same. When you lay the baby down, you first remove your hand from under the bottom and only then lay down the head.

Many parents make the mistake of holding a child who cannot sit yet in a vertical position. A newborn does not belong in this position, just as it is not suitable to hold a newborn on the forearm. In this position, despite being held with both hands, the baby is not well fixed and the spine does not have the necessary support.

The position of the side ball is suitable. In this position, for example, breastfeeding is also suitable. This position is the safest for the newborn. If you are worried, you can first carry the baby in this position in a diaper. Gradually omit the blanket and support his head with your elbow in the side ball. Buttock with the other hand.

It is also suitable to hold the newborn in the tigress position - the child is placed on one hand on the stomach. The hand goes in front of the baby and wraps around his chest (between the arms), waist and bottom. You hold the child from above with the other hand. Such a position is suitable for children up to approximately 3 months. It is great for burping after feeding.

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