What tea for a newborn baby?

What tea for a newborn baby?

Published: 06.11.2023
Updated: 08.12.2023

If you are breastfeeding, the simplest answer will be none. Up to the 6th month, a breastfed baby can only get by with mother's milk, which saturates and hydrates it. At the beginning, thinner milk flows from the breast, which quenches the baby's thirst, gradually thickens and supplies him with all the necessary nutrients. If you cannot breastfeed and the baby is on artificial milk, it is recommended to give him pure boiled water or unsweetened tea in addition to the artificial milk to dilute the stool. From the end of the 6th month, you can start the introduction of complementary foods and start giving liquids to a breastfed child. However, tea should serve as a supplement to the drinking regimen and should be served unsweetened.

Whether you decide on fruit or herbal tea, it is important that it is designed specifically for children. Such teas contain non-allergenic types of herbs and fruits. It is most suitable to serve lukewarm tea with the temperature of the human body, i.e. around 37 °C, choose warmer only in colder periods of the year. In general, it is not recommended to give herbs to children up to about 3 months, then you can start with them carefully and only around the age of 4-5 years you can make them tea from the same herbs as you.

Despite the fact that it is often included in children's teas, you should avoid chamomile tea for babies. It is a strong allergen. If you choose it, give it a little at first so that you can monitor how the baby reacts to it. Even turnips are not recommended for small children. On the contrary, popular herbs include honeydew, linden, motherwort, fennel, anise, rosehips and blueberries.

Fennel tea for a newborn? Yes, it can be given in organic quality from the end of the first week, otherwise it is suitable for children from 1 month. It helps with colic, bloating and cramps. You can easily prepare it from 2 dl of boiled baby water and 1/2 teaspoon of fennel. Cover the fennel with half of the water and let it soak for 5 minutes. Then remove the herbs and add the remaining water.

Baby tea for newborns is a topic that interests many mothers. On the forums, they discuss whether baby tea is suitable from birth, they are most often interested in fennel tea. They agreed that it is best to breastfeed, if this is not possible, the drinking regime should consist of artificial milk instead of boiled baby water and tea should only serve as a supplement. They do not recommend granulated teas that contain sugar. The most popular choice is fennel and anise tea for the little ones, some mothers recommended weak black tea or caraway tea. They unanimously say that tea should only be served after breastfeeding - whether you are breastfeeding or giving artificial milk.

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