When can you feel your baby move?

When can you feel your baby move?

Published: 16.05.2023
Updated: 06.12.2023

Pregnant women - mothers-to-be encounter various symptoms, joys and worries during pregnancy. However, the baby's first movements in the tummy definitely belong to those positive moments. At the moment when a woman feels that a new life is growing in her, the connection with the baby is even stronger.

Mothers can see the first movements of the baby in the abdomen around the 7th-8th week already on the ultrasound during a check-up with the gynecologist. However, first-time mothers begin to perceive movements in the abdomen around the 20th-22nd week. Second-time mothers or mothers of multiples can perceive movements during pregnancy earlier around the 16th-18th week. How active the baby is in the belly is very individual. The most intense movements in the abdomen take place in the 24th-28th week, but the baby's activity is very individual depending on the stage of pregnancy and other factors.

If you do not register the baby's first movements from the 20th to the 24th week, it is advisable to visit a gynecologist so that an ultrasound examination can confirm that the baby in the abdomen is fine. You can also support the baby's movements with some stimuli - lie on your left side, drink cold water, communicate with the baby, caress the tummy and stimulate it with a gentle massage, try to shine a flashlight on the tummy from a close distance or drink a sweet drink or treat yourself to sweet fruit. Blood sugar usually prompts the baby to be active.

The mothers confirmed in discussions that they felt the first movements of the baby around the 22nd week, but it is individual. It also depends on whether it is the first or second pregnancy, because with the next pregnancy mothers can better distinguish whether it is the baby's movements or not. Bubbles and tickling can appear as early as 18 weeks.

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