Tiger in the tree baby position

Tiger in the tree – tiger position not only for burping the newborn

Correct holding, positioning and carrying the baby in the arms are among the most important actions that new parents must learn immediately after the birth of the baby. Since newborns are naturally tiny in their body structure, and their anatomy is generally characterized by its fragility and pliability, it is essential that the aforementioned operations be performed with extreme care. The correct position greatly affects the development of the baby. Therefore, there are certain positions that are ideal for specific activities. One of them is the tiger position.

Published: 21.09.2023
Updated: 08.12.2023

Do you know how to get a baby into the tiger position ? We will tell you in which specific situations this position is the most helpful, what to avoid in the tiger position and what the experiences are with this position.

The position of tigers and its main principles

The tiger position consists in placing the baby on the parent's forearm, while the baby's face is turned downwards. Basically, it is a form of lying on the stomach, which got its name based on the resemblance to a tiger lying on a tree branch.

The advantage of this position is the child's view of the surrounding world and the comfort it offers not only to the baby, but also to the parent. However, for a perfect view, the child needs to lean slightly forward towards the parent's body, at an angle of 45°.

With the hand on which the baby's forearm is lying, it is necessary to hold the baby's thigh from the outside. The child should never lie on the parent's arm with its legs hanging on the sides of the parent's forearm. Such a position is not suitable for the healthy development of the child's spine and motor skills.

In the tiger position, it is essential that both knees of the child are crouched towards the belly. It is in this way that it is possible to achieve the patency of the digestive tract and the improvement of physiological processes, such as emptying, wind or belching.

To properly curl the legs to the belly, it is advisable to hold the second leg of the baby with the other, unused palm. From the perspective of the person holding the baby, it should be possible to see the baby's entire body. The parent achieves this precisely by observing the mentioned forward bend, in which the baby's head is placed higher than the pelvis.

Since the baby's head is always turned to one side in the tiger position, it is necessary to alternate the hand on which the baby lies, in order to maintain the proper growth of the skull bones and the development of the neck muscles. Such an alternation of sides will also benefit the parent, whose hand can get tired after a while.

For the tigress position, it is essential that the baby always has a straight spine. This is the only way to preserve the comfort that is characteristic of this position. Therefore, it is not recommended to directly lean the baby's back on its stomach.

Location of tigers - principles

What to avoid in the tiger pose?

The tigress position, however, requires careful positioning of the child in order to avoid any negative effects on the proper development of his motor skills or anatomy. Among the most common mistakes when holding a baby in the tiger position is incorrect positioning of the parent's hand.

The child should never be held between his legs. With such an incorrect implementation of the tigress position, the baby's spine may bend in the shape of a bow, which definitely does not have a positive effect on its further development.

The hands of the person holding the baby should never support the baby's feet. The child has a tendency to reflect on them. Care must also be taken to crouch BOTH of the baby's legs.

Holding one leg affects not only the stability of the entire tigress position, but also the physiological processes taking place in the child's organism, which is potentially helped by the optimal implementation of this position.

When to use tigress position?

The tiger position can be used for various activities. Since it belongs to the positions that are comfortable for both the baby and the mother, the tiger position is suitable for normal carrying of the baby. Of course, the baby can easily fall asleep in this position. At an earlier age, however, you need to consider the length of time that the baby will be awake in this position.

From the point of view of leisure activities, the position on the tiger is ideal especially for observing the surrounding world. It is the most comfortable position for a curious baby. "Tiger" can also be used to maintain the proper function of the digestive tract. It is therefore used to facilitate the physiological processes of the body, such as emptying or flatulence.

The tiger position is also one of the best positions for burping. So if a parent is thinking about how to get their baby to burp, this position is the obvious answer. The baby is relieved very quickly in this position, which may not always be possible in other burping positions.

When to use tigress position?

Tiger in the Tree position - experience

Many discussing mothers recommend the tiger position to mothers with children who have problems with arousal on their hands. They noted that the cause is mostly the child's lack of view of the surrounding space. The baby does not want to constantly look at the parent or the ceiling. However, they also highlighted other advantages of the tiger position, which mainly consist in the proper functionality of the digestive tract. Babies who have problems with their tummy need positions that facilitate individual processes in the body.

The tigress position is also suitable for babies who have difficulty tilting their heads in a sitting position at the age of three months. It is ideal for practicing, and thus strengthening the muscles necessary for proper head posture.

The most frequent questions - FAQ

Do you have experience with the location of tigers? Did it work for you when burping a newborn or putting him to sleep? We will be happy if you share your opinions and experiences with the location of tigresses in the comments. How did your little one react to it? Join the discussion below the article.

The vertical position is for a newborn or unstable for the baby in the initial stages after birth and does not offer him sufficient support. In this position, the head is not supported, the baby cannot fully use its upper limbs, and if it wants to express its dissatisfaction, it often tenses its limbs, burdens its spine and twists into an arch. A child in the most fragile period of his life cannot straighten up in this position, which can lead to deviation of the trunk and curvature of the spine. At a later age, this position is, of course, fine. The baby's motor skills will improve over time, which also affects the posture of the body in a vertical position.

Not only the mentioned tigress position works for burping a baby, but also another position with the animal name "dog". In this case, however, it is necessary for the parent to assume a sitting position. Positions on the heart or over the shoulder are also suitable. After several attempts, parents will find the most correct position, which suits not only them, but also the baby during burping. Patience and determination are especially needed.

The tiger position is suitable to be applied from birth, while the weight and size of the baby itself will weigh in terms of the upper limit. While some mothers carry their children in this position only up to three months of age, others continue to do so. The age limit thus largely depends on the strength and stamina of the mother, but it also depends on the height and weight of the baby.

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