10th week of pregnancy

10th week of pregnancy - size of the fetus, symptoms, size of the belly and pain in the lower abdomen

The embryo, which initially consisted of only a few dozen cells, becomes a fetus made up of billions of active cells. The embryonic stage of development is officially over. The fetal phase begins and the most important organs gradually start their processes. The fruit is already the size of a strawberry and is actively moving. However, it is still too small for a woman to feel these movements. The heart already has 2 chambers and 2 atria. In the case of a pregnant woman, the symptoms may peak, start or disappear in the 10th week of pregnancy. From now on, the fetus will primarily grow, in all directions. However, the expectant mother can also start gaining weight. Several hundred grams to several kilograms may appear on the scale. How does a baby develop in the 10th trimester? Which pregnancy symptoms are the most intense?

Published: 08.11.2023
Updated: 14.12.2023

The expectant mother may be experiencing difficult moments right now and is discovering that pregnancy also has unpleasant sides. Excessive fatigue, digestive problems, cramps, frequent urination, bloating and irritability. Many mothers describe that the last weeks of the 3rd trimester were the most difficult. The female body goes through significant changes. Just like a fetus. The first skeletal cells begin to form his tiny body. Cartilage shapes and forms the knee and ankle areas. The joints on the legs and arms can already bend. The fetus strengthens and constantly moves. Many organs are already functional and ready to fulfill their next purpose. What important happens in the 10th week of pregnancy?

The development of the baby in the 10th week of pregnancy - the embryo becomes a fetus

More than a billion cells and their development caused embryogenesis to end and the embryo to become a fetus. The fetal stage has begun, during which the fetus will mature, grow and perfect its functions. All necessary foundations for the functionality of organs and systems are already built. The fruit is about the size of a strawberry. The head is still disproportionately large compared to the body. The brain continues to create hundreds of thousands of new neural connections every minute. What does the fetus look like? The eyes are still half closed, their lids cover them. The parts of the eyes are created - lenses, irises, corneas and retinas. Eyes will be closed for a long time. The ears are taking shape. The nose is still shapeless, but the nostrils are already clearly formed.

The foundations for milk teeth are formed in the jaw. They, of course, will not grow in the belly. On the opposite side of the body, the tail at the end of the spine disappears completely. This is also why the fetus looks like a miniature human. The fingers on the limbs are lengthened and even nail cases and their beginnings may appear. The first skeletal cells are formed in the arms. The bending of the joints is already functional, but the strengthening of the body is still in progress. The movements performed by the mother cannot yet be felt.

The stomach produces digestive acids. The liver makes red blood cells and the intestines have already moved from the umbilical cord to the stomach. The baby filters amniotic fluid through the kidneys, which it then excretes together with toxins as urine. It is important that the heart already has 2 chambers and 2 atria. It can already pump blood and has a frequency of around 160 to 180 beats per minute. The skin is also interesting, through which you can see the individual blood vessels leading to the organs. Genitalia begin to form. Primarily the internal ones, the external ones are yet to be seen. If the offspring is to be a boy, testosterone and anti-mullerian begin to be produced in his testicles, which are hormones that will later ensure the growth of the external genitalia.

Did you know that, based on regular ultrasound observations, doctors can determine the dominant hand of the fetus - right-handed or left-handed - by the 18th week of pregnancy? Through observation, it was found that most children subsequently do not change their right or left hand preference even in the later period. Despite the fact that the brain does not seem to determine this preference as conscious, it is assumed that the child makes targeted hand movements towards the face or the walls of the uterus. A common phenomenon with twins is that at a certain period one hand starts to reach behind the sibling. However, it is still not clear whether the movement of the hands leads to changes in the brain regarding right-handedness or left-handedness, or whether it is the brain that causes the differences in movements.

10th week of pregnancy – fetal size and ultrasound

Is it time to have an ultrasound in the 10th week of pregnancy ? It is almost the ideal date for the first visit to the gynecologist. Most women undergo their first prenatal examination around 8 to 14 weeks . So some women may have had their initial examination and are awaiting a check-up and further examinations. However, if you are at your gynecologist for the first pregnancy check-up, the purpose is to confirm the pregnancy and, based on the size of the fetus, CRL - parietal-coccyx length, determine the stage of the pregnancy. The position of the fetus and the placenta must be checked. In this period, the fruit has the size of a strawberry. During the 10th week of pregnancy, the size of the fetus is 30 to 50 mm and the weight varies from 2.6 to 4 g.

The doctor confirms the pregnancy with an examination using a transvaginal probe or an ultrasonographic examination. Complex laboratory blood and urine samples are waiting for you. The hCG hormone level, blood type and Rh factor are determined, antibodies to certain dangerous diseases and many other markers are monitored. Protein content is observed in the urine. The doctor will be interested in your family history, diseases you have overcome, what your symptoms and feelings are. Your weight, height and blood pressure will be measured. You will have your own pregnancy book. If you are having a check-up, these are standard procedures – the CRL of the fetus will be measured, heart activity, blood and urine samples will be taken, and also a control ultrasound. In this week, it is already possible to perform a large ultrasound, for example 3D or 4D.

10th week of pregnancy - symptoms and belly size

The topic of the size of the pregnant belly in the 10th week of pregnancy is very specific, but it can be relevant. In many forums and discussions, women already report that it was during this period that they began to perceive the growing belly. The visual manifestations of a growing pregnant belly always depend on the type of figure and body structure. The growth and shape of the abdomen is also affected by multiple pregnancy or the number of pregnancies that a woman has already had. Then the belly can appear earlier. Therefore, it is a very individual symptom. The abdomen can often be bloated due to slower digestion and bloating. So nothing may be visible on the outside. However, it is a fact that many women will begin to develop a smaller bulge in the lower abdomen. In the 10th week of pregnancy, the belly grows mainly because of the enlarging uterus. You can notice the difference, for example, when wearing narrower - tighter clothes.

If you do not have very intense nausea, it is highly likely that you have gained between 400 and 2,300 g. In addition to the bulging belly, the breasts increase in size, are more sensitive to the touch and veins are visible, which is a sign of their increased blood supply. The total volume of blood in a woman's body increases, and you can also notice more bulging veins on the hands. Tiredness and feelings of weakness are still quite intense. The placenta has not yet taken over its role, and the organism is thus greatly depleted. More or less severe morning sickness may persist.

Mood swings still persist, but so do pregnancy cravings – a woman has an appetite for food, but immediately stops liking it. You can still encounter milky, thicker discharge from the vagina. A mucus plug is forming. You may also be surprised by sleep problems during pregnancy or unexpectedly vivid dreams.

10th week of pregnancy – the embryo becomes a fetus

Cramps and pain in the lower abdomen in the 10th week

In the 10th week of pregnancy, pain in the lower abdomen or sharp cramps can quite surprise a woman. Women often describe feeling violent cramps reminiscent of menstrual cramps. The reason is the growth of the uterus. The uterus itself is a muscle, which enlarges to adapt to the size of the fetus. Sharp pain is caused by stretching of muscle fibers. However, such convulsions are irregular and are not accompanied by any other symptom. If the pain is accompanied by bleeding or comes at regular intervals, visit your doctor.

Headaches and heartburn

A combination of fatigue, pain, hormonal changes, hunger or thirst can cause a headache. Fluctuations in pressure, dizziness or feelings of fainting may occur. Such a headache can persist for a long time and be very unpleasant. It is important to increase the intake of liquids, treat yourself to a balanced diet, preferably in smaller doses, but more often, and get proper rest and relaxation. He can suffer from heartburn. Treat yourself to a walk in the fresh air or include an easy exercise in your day's program. It is also appropriate to increase the intake of vitamins in the form of nutritional supplements. Always consult a doctor about the use of medicines for headache.

The most frequent questions - FAQ

How are you handling the 10th week of pregnancy? What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you given birth long ago and do you remember the 10th week of pregnancy? How did you feel at this stage of pregnancy? We will be happy if you let us know about your feelings, joys and fears. Did you feel pain in the 10th week of pregnancy? Join the discussion below the article. With your opinions, advice, recommendations and tricks, you can advise and help other mothers-to-be. You can comment without unnecessary registration.

Even before the 10th week of pregnancy, women can experience more significant pain in the lower abdomen. Women often describe sharp cramps or even prickling pain that resembles menstrual pain. The reason for this pain is the uterus, which is getting bigger and its muscle fibers are stretching. The uterus adapts in advance to the growing baby. If it is a multiple pregnancy, the pain can be a little more intense.

Pregnancy at 10 weeks is in the first part of the 3rd month. It is still the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

As the weeks go by, the risk of spontaneous abortion decreases. Until the 10th week of pregnancy, statistically, a silent miscarriage occurs more often. However, this does not mean that it will happen in the 10th tt. Statistically, 80% of miscarriages occur in the first trimester, because these are the most risky weeks of pregnancy, when the fetus is very vulnerable. It is important for a woman to be able to deal with this fact mentally, to consult a doctor, partner or psychologist. Most doctors recommend trying again with a break of at least 3 months after the abortion. Some sources say at least half a year.

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