Is fennel tea good for babies?

Is fennel tea good for babies?

Published: 16.06.2023
Updated: 06.12.2023

After birth, mother's milk is the only source of nutrients for the newborn. If the newborn is properly breastfed or is fed artificial milk, his eating and drinking regime is sufficient. He does not need other fluids until about the 6th month. It is generally recommended to include other liquids in the diet with the introduction of complementary foods. It is also recommended to start with them around the age of half a year. Rather, it is advisable to add other liquids if the child is on artificial milk. However, there are cases when tea for babies is also suitable at an earlier age.

For example, some pediatricians recommend fennel tea for newborns in case of stomach problems. If the newborn has problems with bloating, abdominal pain or is at risk of stomach colic. You can try lukewarm fennel tea (without sugar and honey) for babies from 1 month of age. When the newborn is at risk of dehydration, has a fever or digestive problems, you can try fennel tea from the 1st week. Fennel tea has a slightly sweet taste and has positive effects on digestion and the digestive system. At the same time, it hydrates the body. You should focus on fennel tea in BIO quality, for example HiPP Bio Fennel tea or special soluble Hero Sunar fennel drink. Teas for babies before 6 months are not necessary if the child is feeding properly and gaining weight.

Mothers praise the effects of fennel tea in discussions. In many cases, it helped when the child had stopped wind or had a problem with stool. Others, on the other hand, praise the effects of fennel tea for abdominal pain. However, some parents report that their child refused tea or, on the contrary, became bloated after drinking it. Mothers also report that after giving fennel tea, the child's stool improved and increased flatulence was a natural accompanying symptom.

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